Useful for You

We recommend to read this section before You make Your final decision about the online purchase of  our vehicle!

  • All of our vehicles are sold without any type of warranty or guarantee;
  • All what You can see in the specific vehicle's pictures and the ad comments are included in the car purchase, we have in mind car's equipment, extra winter/summer tires, rear seats or extra other equipment. If nothing is mentioned there, that means that there are no extra belongings to the specific vehicle. The same is with service books, number of keys and similar;
  • Remember to ask us what is interesting and important for You about specific vehicle;
  • If You decide to buy a vehicle from the pictures, we are not responsible about the photos quality and difference from the real view;
  • Our recommendation is to review all the given photos of the specific vehicle carefully, use ZOOM function and ask more photos of specific places of the vehicle if needed;
  • Carefully read ad's comments about specific vehicle, translate it to Your own language from English;
  • If we agree on final price between each other on the specific vehicle online purchase, that means it is a FINAL PRICE. It will not be lower than agreed, even when You will arrive for vehicle's pick-up.

All of these purchase rules are made for clearness and fast service proceeding. The main purpose of that is to avoid misunderstandings between You as a customer and us. We are hoping that these rules will help You to accept the final decision!